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Panasonic MAJ7 Massage Chair

“Harnesses the power of modern design to deliver the ancient healing art of massage”

Original price was: $12,000.00.Current price is: $9,999.00.

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Product Description

Virtual Reality

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Panasonic massage chairs are widely known with their very high technology features, long lifetime, and classic slim design.

Panasonic is one of the biggest technology companies from Japan founded in 1918. They have been constantly improving their massage chair technologies since they made their first chair in 1969.

As much as the chair looks every bit the part of an opulent experience, the richness of the MAJ7 is more than skin deep. Under the luxury automobile inspired cross-stitching, lies the advanced precision technology that drives the MAJ7. It is what allows the chair to bring you clear-minded revitalization and complete escape.

The MAJ7 contains the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra taking the hallmarks of power and refinement and pushing them further still. Thoughtful enough to detect tension in your muscles and continue to sense your body’s pressure at a rate of 100 times per second, Real Pro Ultra allows the MAJ7 to adjust the massage and provide the best experience for you.

Real Pro Ultra 4D Human Intelligence Massage System

Unequivocally the most precise and versatile massage mechanism on the market, the Real Pro Ultra 4D Human Intelligence mechanism goes beyond seamlessly moving in 3D space and authentically delivering a wide range of massage styles. By drawing real-time data from body sensors, it adjusts its speed and intensity to your body’s unique needs at the moment, just like a human massage therapist.

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1080P Acupoint Body Scan

The RealPro 4D Massage Mechanism locates 1080 individual points on your back and neck, creating a virtual map so that it can perform the correct movements with the right amount of pressure to each part of your body. No other massage mechanism performs a more precise scan or delivers a massage that is more customized for you.

1080P Acupoint Body Scan

Real-Time 6-Position and Force Microprocessor

The Real Pro Ultra mechanism constantly feeds information to the chair’s Position and Force Microprocessor, adjusting massage movements based on this real-time feedback. This responsiveness allows the MAJ7 to faithfully replicate the intricate kneading movements of a human massage therapist. The MAJ7’s ability to sense pressure also means that massage intensity is customized to each user.

Real Time 6 Position and Force Microprocessor

Infrared Heated Rollers

Infrared-heated massage rollers generate soothing warmth to help relax sore, tense muscles. With heating elements located directly on the massage roller assembly, the MAJ7 delivers point-specific heat you’d expect to feel from the thumbs and palms of a massage therapist’s hands.

Infrared Heated Rollers
Infrared Heated Rollers2

Full Body Air Massage

Thirty-seven soothing air cells apply compression massage to the shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, feet, forearms, and hands. The MAJ7’s extensive air cell array is carefully positioned for maximum benefit and insightfully programmed for maximum healing effect. Compression and release are sequenced to faithfully replicate the motions of a real massage therapist. The MAJ7 features extended shoulder air cells to provide stronger hold and range, as well as heel air cells to complete a whole foot massage. This chair leaves no space unaddressed.

Full Body Air Massage

Advanced Lower Core Massage

The MAJ7’s seat air cells gently lift and reposition your whole body allowing the mechanism to work the glutes and upper hamstrings. Relief for stiff, tight hips is achieved by targeting acupressure points. Over 4.5″ of in and out “reach” from the Real Pro make the Lower Core capabilities uniquely capable.

Advanced Lower Core Massage
Advanced Lower Core Massage2

Reflexology Foot Massage

A fusion of cutting-edge technology and reflexology techniques delivers deep therapy to the soles of your feet. Full coverage air cells hold your foot in place as the foot massage mechanism replicates the hand movements of a professional reflexologist. Capable of plantar arch manipulating massage, sole kneading, and sole shiatsu, the sole mechanism can adjust intensity and style to suit your mood and your need.


Junetsu Ultra Kneading

Junetsu Ultra Kneading massage techniques involve tight, spiral movements that quickly and effectively loosen tight muscles. The target zones benefit from increased blood flow and improvement in the pliability of muscle fibers. Junetsu Ultra Kneading also does an exceptional job relaxing the neck and shoulders to help improve mobility, range of motion, and comfort. These techniques are proprietary and exclusive to Panasonic massage chairs.


Comprehensive Stretching Techniques

By blending the Real Pro Ultra functions with full-body air cell coverage, the MAJ7 delivers an impressive suite of stretching movements. These powerfully therapeutic movements (which you’ll find in many of the chair’s programmed sessions) mobilize the spine, promote relaxation, and improve the flexibility of the lower back, middle back, and neck. Our stretching techniques are perfect for post-workout relaxation or to shake off sleep and stiffness as a morning rejuvenation session. The MAJ7 offers a full range of stretching techniques, including Neck, Pelvis, Chest, Leg, Lower Back, and Core.


Extensive Manual Controls

The MAJ7 performs complex junetsu kneading and shiatsu massage movements, plus rolling, tapping, kneading, and ultra-slow kneading techniques to mimic the versatility of an experienced massage therapist.


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