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Panasonic massage chairs are widely known with their very high technology features, long lifetime, and classic slim design.

Panasonic is one of the biggest technology companies from Japan founded in 1918. They have been constantly improving their massage chair technologies since they made their first chair in 1969.

The aim is the movement of a professional thumb. Fir ball control with a minimum width of 10mm that pinpoints stiffness. The airbags on the thighs are larger to give you a better hold.

Most Precise Massage Chair on Earth;

By the help of Panasonic’s real time pro technology, MAK1 is the only chair on earth which constantly scans the user’s body by sending out 2000 signals and detecting stiff and soft parts of the muscles on 1080 different points.

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Real Time Massage Mechanism

The only chair which constantly scans the user’s body during the massage and can change its kneading style automatically according to each muscle tension of the user. Mak1 has 12 different kneading style.

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MAK1 is the only chair which can lift the users hips up to 11 inches and massage directly to the users sciatica area, which will give you a great permanent relief.

Best Sciatica massage chair

MAK1 is the only chair which can lift the users hips up to 11 inches and massage directly to the users sciatica area, which will give you a great permanent relief.

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Design to stretch every muscle on your body

Panasonic is the only brand which can recline back to 170 degrees, and MAK1 is the only chair which can lift the user's hips up to 11 inches, the combination of these two unique features makes this chair as the best stretching chair on earth.

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Amazing Reflexology Massage

With mak1 you can get an amazing foot and calf massage experience, because it is going to hug all your calves with its airbags while it will give amazing reflexology massage with Panasonic's new technology foot and calf rollers.

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Just focus the areas you need massage

Mak-1 is the only chair which you can pinpoint the areas that you would like to get a massage. MAK1 will give an amazing massage to the parts that you would like to receive massage with its real time pro mechanism.

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Customization and Memory

All of the massage features of the MAJ7 can be adjusted from gently relaxing to therapeutically firm. Air cell compression intensity, roller massage intensity, and foot massage intensity are each independently adjustable. You can even program and save your favorite settings for up to three users.

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Real Pro Ultra 4D Human Intelligence Massage System

The Panasonic MAK1 features the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra 4D Human Intelligence massage mechanism. Unequivocally the most precise and versatile massage mechanism on the market, the Real Pro Ultra 4D H.I. mechanism goes beyond seamlessly moving in 3D space and authentically delivering a wide range of massage styles. By drawing real-time data from body sensors, it adjusts its speed and intensity to your body’s unique needs at the moment, just like a human massage therapist.

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User-Friendly Tablet Remote

Easily control the advanced features and customization capabilities of the MAK1 with a simple touch screen.

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1080P Acupoint Body Scan

The Real Pro Ultra 4D H.I. massage mechanism locates 1080 individual points on your back and neck, creating a virtual map so that it can perform the correct movements with the right amount of pressure for each part of your body. No other massage mechanism performs a more precise scan or delivers a massage that is more customized for you.


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