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Hutech KAI GTS9

“The most sophisticated expression of massage technology with Sonic Wave rollers…”


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HUTECH is the biggest South Korean massage chair company in North America. They are the first company that implemented the Sonic Wave technology into massage chair mechanisms.

HUTECH massage chairs are capable of giving very soft & gentle and strong deep tissue massages at the same time. With their new Sonic Wave technology you will the effects of the massage deep in your muscle tissue.

HUTECH MASSAGE CHAIRS Immerse into a relaxing and deep massage perfected with avante-garde sound wave technology. HUTECH is devoted to creating technology and design that makes a healthier world for everyone.

Groundbreaking therapeutic sonic wave technology for healthcare, beauty, medical care, and sports.


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Acoustic vibration refers to the wave of sound transmitted by the vibration of the pronunciation of air or characteristic material.

The only sound wave source technology in the world that Evosonics has is a technology that generates sound waves using the sound generation principle of speakers, and has been independently developed by Evosonics and applied to products.

There is a clear difference in depth from the existing electric motor and solenoid-type common mechanical vibration, and soft sound waves penetrate deeply into the human body with a vertical vibration with straightness. By adjusting the frequency, it is possible to break away from the limit and adjust the intensity of the frequency, and it is characterized by a safe and deep comfortable sense of use.

A more effective and safe stimulation technology for the human body by applying the same principle as the sound wave of the speaker and outputting sound waves in the audible frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz as sound waves.


Evosonics healthcare system converts electrical signals into mechanical vibrations without a motor. This mechanical vibration stimulates the skeletal bones which triggers the bones to generate acoustic vibration. The acoustic vibration caused by the bone applies to a broad range of treatments including pain relief, recovery of damaged cells (skin, muscles, ligaments, bones and joints) as well as activation of the nervous system. It has been discovered that this technology can bring positive effects to the mind including stress relief.

Source patent: A vibration device using acoustic pressure and a human body stimulation device including the same (No. 10-1487323).
– The original patent of Evosonic’s “acoustic wave generating device technology” has been registered not only in Korea but also in major foreign countries such as the United States, China, and Japan.

HUTECH Won CES 2022 Inovation Awards for KAI GTS9 Artmotion

The KAI GTS9 Art Motion is equipped with HUTECH massage mechanism 2.0 that’s created by combining HUTECH’s original technology HBLS (HUTECH Body Leveling System), real 4D Art Motion, and 4-channel sonic vibration massage.

The KAI GTS9 Art Motion massage chair received the CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category.


A symphonic revolution of sound and motion, KAI’s 3DS Art Motion engine uses proprietary Sonic Wave technology to sync the movement of the massage rollers with a range of low-frequency sound waves that penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible with any conventional massage engine.

Most Advanced South Korean Massage Chair Company : Hutech is the fastest growing cutting-edge technology company of South Korea for the last two decades.

Hutech established the “HBLS,” the Hutech body leveling system, and ‘SWMS,” the Sonic Wave Massage System, which is the advanced concept of technology in the entire massage industry.

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