KAI GTS7 Massage Chair

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Founded in 2007, HUTECH is a very special company when it comes to healthcare, standing for “a better world for everyone”. And with it’s groundbreaking 3DS Art Motion engine that combines carefully choreographed 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology their brand new Hutech KAI GTS7 Massage Chair is a revolution among the massage chair community. It’s a next levet therapy tool that utilizes only the most advanced technology to make your massage therapy sessions that will feed your soul.

Let’s start out our review by listing some of the newest and the most advanced features, ,the claims to fame of the Kai GTS7 massage chair:

The GTS7 is the first in its class to utilize sound energy in conjunction with mechanical massage rollers. It’s 3DS Art Motion engine uses proprietary Sonic Wave technology to sync the movement of the massage rollers with a range of low frequency sound waves that penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than is possible with any conventional massage engine. Your body receives both tactile pressure and directed vibrations, which results in your body getting deepest penetrations and the best massage experience.

What’s 3DS Art Motion Engine? It’s the engine that combines pneumatic 3D roller motions with proprietary Sonic Wave technology to provide a uniquely versatile range of massage experiences, from delicately soothing to deeply therapeutic.

With the brand new KAI GTS7, it’s also possible to personalize your massages just for you! The GTS7 automatically & precisely measures your body before each session, customizing the motions and acoustic vibrations of the 3DS Art Motion engine across 140 different body zones to provide a massage personally tailored to each user’s unique body profile.

You can now even listen to music while getting a sweet, thorough massage from your GTS7 massage chair! GTS7 massage chair now has the ability to synchronize its 3DS Art Motion Engine with its Sonic Wave Technology to deliver a more penetrating massage. The movements and sonic vibration of the 3DS Art Motion engine are carefully choreographed to five pre-loaded songs ranging from meditative to energizing. You can also pair your GTS7 massage chair with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device to create a custom experience.

And don’t worry if you have kids or pets around either, because The GTS7 vigilantly monitors for young children or pets that come too close to a moving footrest or backrest. Enjoy the peace of mind provided by an array of touch and motion sensors located in the footrest, leg and backrest that detect nearby obstructions and automatically stop the chair’s motion.

HUTECH makes sure to give it’s customers only the best and the healthiest product the current technology will allow them to make, and they’ve proven that once again with their brand new massage chair KAI GTS7.

As mentioned above, their next-gen “Sonic Wave Massage” is a revolution amon the massage chair community. It truly elevates the massage chairs utility and enjoyability. They say music is the ryhthm of the soul, this new Sonic Wave technology takes that and elevates it and makes it literally physical and turns it into an actually physically relaxing experience.

And the ability for the KAI GTS7 to be able to measure your physique and personalize your massage therapy experience to better fit your unique body type is really special. No longer do you have to adjust yourself to a massage chair that’s either made for mainly all body types in mind without focusing on one, or another body type entirely. The ability for the massage chair to only focus on YOUR body’s needs is a really underrated part of the KAI GTS7 massage chair that should be acknowledged.

Overall, HUTECH’s KAI GTS7 is one of the best massage chairs out on the market, if your looking for the perfect massage experienced that’s taylored spesifically for you and is also really creative and safe, KAI GTS7 is the massage chair you’re looking for.

You can try out HUTECH’s KAI GTS7 and other quality massage chairs by visiting a Massage Chairs and More store near you.