How to Choose The Best Massage Chair?

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Congratulations! You have decided to invest in yourself and buy a massage chair. When you are in the market you will realize that there are many types of massage chair. If you are confused about which massage chair is the best for you here are some tips.


There are some questions that you should answer before you decide the best massage chair for you:

  • Do you prefer a strong massage or a relaxing massage?
  • Do you prefer to focus on a specific part of your body?
  • Are you looking for a recovery massage?
  • Do you prefer to use your massage chair as a recliner as well?
  • Do you prefer a specific type of massage like Shiatsu?
  • Do you prefer a specific design?

To answer these questions will help you to get closer to the best massage chair for you. Always keep in mind that the very best massage chair for you is the one that meets with your needs.

Global Brands:

It is very important to choose the best massage chair for you among the global brands. You can consider a massage chair purchase as a long-time investment to your health. In this long time of period if you need any maintenance, it is always a better solution to have the manufacturer’s warranty.

For most, a massage chair is a one-time, significant investment in massage treatment that you hope will offer you years of comfort and satisfaction. Because of this, most people would be wise to consider a top-rated, high-quality, premium massage chair. These chairs deliver better massages, last longer, and are backed by good warranties supported by passionate after-sale service teams. Investing in a quality chair from a brand you can trust will ultimately pay dividends.

In Massage Chairs And More we combine our 18 years of experience with 4 global brands we carry; OHCO, Panasonic, D.Core, Positive Posture who have the know-how of decades.

Upgrade and Trade-in Options

Because massage chair sector is an innovative sector there will always be new massage chair models with brand new technologies. Therefore, when you are looking for the best massage chair, be sure that the brand has upgrade and trade-in options. As we carry 4 global brands, you can always upgrade or trade-in your old massage chair in Massage Chairs & More!

The Brands That Have Stores

As you can see from the questions above choosing the best massage chair for you is a very unique experience. Answering some questions and knowing what you are looking for only makes you to get closer to the best massage chair for you. To experience the massage, chair your self means you definitely know it is the one. Some of the massage chair brands sell only online. Before you buy the best massage chair you should try out the ones you are interested in. You can visit one of our 3 stores in Bay Area. Check out our contact us page to find the store near you!